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Oh hey, Vancouver!


Vancouver! We opened our 6th location on Friday March 24 and we couldn’t be more excited to bring what we do best (dazzle you) to Washington.

I have to say, it was a looooong few weeks! That is the deal with construction: it’s a lot of waiting until the last few weeks, and then: BOOM! Everything has to fit together in just a few short days. We did it, but it was a close one!

I love opening new locations. It is the most exciting time, and also I get to be surrounded by my favorite people. There is a whirlwind of activity, and everyone comes together to just get it all done. It is really amazing to see how the space transforms in just a few days.


Do Angie and I look like zombies¬†in this picture? At one point I looked at her and she looked grey from lack of sleep! That woman is not only always on the go, she also has a one year old baby boy at home! I will tell you, when she is tired she thinks I am very funny…so that is a bonus!

The Vancouver Chamber of Commerce came on Friday and we did a ribbon cutting that was very fun. Big scissors? Yes, please!

It was a great day and we cannot wait to see you there! Now…onto our next Vancouver location! Hazel Dell will be opening in July!


Urban Waxx
16415 SE 15th St
Vancouver WA



What Mr. Waxx will do for us! :)

What happens when we need a hairy man-body for male wax training? Take a gander at this pic. That would be Cody, my darling husband and the man behind Urban Waxx. He’s such a good egg.

Cody is such an important part of Urban Waxx. There is NO way that I could do any of this without him. And seriously, how many men would let their Mrs. wax their chests in front of an audience? And take a picture of it? And smile? And let me blog about it? And put it on Facebook…?

Here’s to you and your semi-hairless chest, Mr. Waxx. You are pretty darned amazing. xo