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Oh hey, Vancouver!


Vancouver! We opened our 6th location on Friday March 24 and we couldn’t be more excited to bring what we do best (dazzle you) to Washington.

I have to say, it was a looooong few weeks! That is the deal with construction: it’s a lot of waiting until the last few weeks, and then: BOOM! Everything has to fit together in just a few short days. We did it, but it was a close one!

I love opening new locations. It is the most exciting time, and also I get to be surrounded by my favorite people. There is a whirlwind of activity, and everyone comes together to just get it all done. It is really amazing to see how the space transforms in just a few days.


Do Angie and I look like zombies in this picture? At one point I looked at her and she looked grey from lack of sleep! That woman is not only always on the go, she also has a one year old baby boy at home! I will tell you, when she is tired she thinks I am very funny…so that is a bonus!

The Vancouver Chamber of Commerce came on Friday and we did a ribbon cutting that was very fun. Big scissors? Yes, please!

It was a great day and we cannot wait to see you there! Now…onto our next Vancouver location! Hazel Dell will be opening in July!


Urban Waxx
16415 SE 15th St
Vancouver WA



Vegas, baby!

Well, it was an absolutely incredible weekend at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Las Vegas. After months of planning, and stressing, and preparing, Team Serious Serum descended on  the show, ready to show our stuff!

Have you ever been to a convention? Well, let me break it down for you: basically, there are 600 skincare, waxing, cosmetics, massage, and all other spa and salon related vendors packed into an enormous hall. It is a 3 day event where people from all over the country come to check out new products, buy goods, and attend educational seminars. It’s intense. By the end of day 3 everyone looks like zombies. The constant stream of information is a little overwhelming.

So, we arrived on Friday afternoon. This year, I went with Heather, Gina, Kim and Jenny. Can I just tell you how much these gals impressed me? They were absolutely fabulous. They were warm, and funny, and they knew their stuff when it came to talking about Serious Serum. They all knew how incredibly important this show was to me and Urban Waxx, and they treated the entire event like it was their baby. It made me cry more than a few times. Seriously. The baby makes me a little weepy, but also it was such a pleasure having a memory like this with these terrific ladies.

Anyhoo, so did I mention that my fabulous husband drove 17 hours to Las Vegas with 1800 bottles of Serious Serum and all of the stuff for our booth. Yup, he’s that good. So, he met us at our hotel (The Trump: completely fabulous, non-smoking, excellent service, and very affordable), and we decided to gorge at the Wynn Buffet and have a pre-show meeting. It was exciting, scary, and surreal all at the same time. I mean, we have been talking about this since last October!

Well, the next 3 days pretty much flew by. We sold hundreds of individual bottles of Serious to attendees, and we opened 25 new wholesale accounts. That means that our Serum will now be sold in 25 new salons and spas across the country. Woo hoo! My original goal for the show was 50, but I think for a new product and our first launch, 25 is a good start. The booth looked amazing, thanks to the design of Liam, our wonderful graphic designer, who did everything from our t-shirts, to the 10 foot by 10 foot back drop, to the press kits. Everything had Liam’s hand in it. And it showed. We looked legit!

So, it looks like we will be attending at lest a few shows like this every year. I’m taking a break for the rest of 2010. The thought of squeezing my pregnant belly into a Serious Serum t-shirt and standing for 12 hours is not so appealing at the moment, but I will be ready for 2011.

I just want to commend my entire team. The 4 ladies that came with me did an absolutely outstanding job. And the fact that I can leave for 4 days and the salon runs beautifully is such a relief. My staff is the best. Seriously. xo

What’s up, UW?

2010 is an exciting year for Urban Waxx. We have a LOT of things happening over the next few months. Curious? Well, I can’t spill ALL the beans just yet, but it’s safe to say that I will doing some big reveals over the next few weeks.

We are heading to the Las Vegas IECSC (International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference) from April 23-26th. We have a booth for the first time, and we will be launching Serious Serum to the world! This has proven to be incredibly exciting, as well as incredibly stressful. Our goal is to retail Serious in salons and spas around the country, and going to a giant conference like this is an excellent way to get our name out there. However, there are SO many things that need to be done leading up to the event! I mean, getting all of our product ready and then driven (yes, that’s correct. Cody will be driving from Portland to Las Vegas with 2000 bottles of Serious Serum with him), to the show, getting our booth up and ready, getting our press kits, getting shirts for the girls (I am going with Kim, Jenny, Heather and Gina), booking planes and hotel rooms, scheduling meetings with retailers….it makes my head spin a little. But, it has been said before that I enjoy working under slightly stressful conditions. There may be some truth to that. Let’s see.

In any case, it will be a really cool experience for us, and I know we will learn a ton.

I will be coming back with lots of pictures and fun stories, I’m sure, dear readers. So stay tuned for the next big happenings. And, as always, thank you deeply for your love and support!!!

Staff Favorites: Megan’s favorite products!

My favorite products at Urban Waxx? Hmmm….

As many of you may know, I have been a long time fan of Brenda Dunn’s work (her art is hung up all over my house!), and I would have to say the prints and magnets that we sell are my #1. Not only is she an awesome chick, but she’s incredibly talented. Some of her pieces remind me of my very own tattoo, and actually inspired me to get a really feminine piece. The prints are inexpensive, and adorable. The magnets look great on the fridge, and I have also purchased her art wood blocks. They look fantastic!

A  close runner up is our Serious Serum, mainly because it’s the only product that has truly made a difference for my ingrown hairs. We have carried a few serums, but none of them have made such a difference. The biggest + to using this product is that it can be used as a spot serum for blemishes (so it is safe to use on your face, underarms, and pretty much anywhere else it is needed). Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Last, but not least would be our Pacifica products… specifically the mediterranean fig. I absolutely LOVE this scent. The body butter in particular is bomb, but I like the perfume as well. I just wish they had that scent in a candle, because it would be burning 24-7.

2010: The Year of the Waxx.

So let’s figure out what will be happening in 2010. Hmm. That’s an exciting thought. I absolutely want to have a second UW up and running. I was thiiiiis close to opening the second location a few months ago, but after two months of back and forth with the landlord, and the management company, and my realtor, and their realtor, I got fed up and stopped pushing it. It should never be THAT hard to start something. I feel like if I keep trying to force something to work, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? So, now we are back at square one trying to decide where the next Urban Waxx would be best suited. Do you have any suggestions? Well I would LOVE to hear them. Seriously.

2009 was a flipping fantastic year for Urban Waxx. It’s almost shocking how much we grew and how fun and great it has been. The staff is stronger than ever.

We launched Serious Serum last year, and it has been doing so well. It’s amazing to have a product that we all believe in and works so well. Big things will be happening for Serious in 2010, so stay posted…

Anyway, my deepest and most sincere thanks to all of our clients and friends that have helped Urban Waxx to blossom. We would be nothing without your continued love and support. Thank you thank you thank you! xo, Shannon

A few of my favorite things…

So, I am pretty much obsessed with all of the retail that we carry, but I’m going to list my top 5 faves at this moment.

  1. Klean Coconut creamy scrub. Yes, I adore all things coconut. The smell of all the Klean coconut goodies make me swoon. The scrub is amazing. $13.50
  2. Pacifica Soy Candle gift box. Love the package. Love that there are three warm and cozy holiday scents. Love that the price is $14. Whaaaa?
  3. Pinup Brenda wood block art. So freaking cute. I love these. They are like little gems of chic goodness. $15 or $20
  4. Pattern Body Wash in Black Pepper. It rules. I wash my face with it. I wash my bod with it. It has a totally unusual scent that is spicy and refreshing, and it produces a gorgeous lather. $20
  5. Serious Serum. Come on, guys. Of course I am in love with Serious. We brought it into the world. I use it ALL over my body wherever I have bumpy, yucky skin. I use it under moisturizer and smooth our the mini wrinkles. Before I used Serious, I was using an AHA serum that was the same exact percentage and I was paying $68. Serious is $25.
So what are some of your favorite things? Have you found something that you absolutely swoon over at Urban Waxx? Well let me know! Or, do you know of something that would be a great fit for us? Let me know that, too! xo

Serious Serum has it’s own website!

Look at our new bottles!!! Ok, I am slightly excited by the design and just had to share. Liam did an outstanding job of making our amazing product look sleek and sexy in those airless pump bottles! Seriously! We literally received a pallet of 5000 bottles and we are ready to get them into the hands of every waxer and wax client in America!

If you haven’t heard about Serious Serum yet, then please check out our BRAND spanking new website that we just launched today. Liam has been hard at work building It is jam packed with information and testimonials, and best of all, you can now buy Serious Serum online! Woot woot! Liam made the website look so beautiful that I want to take it on a date!

Waxin and a Movin and a Shakin!

We are busy little bees on NW 18th St. We have so many pans on the stove that sometimes I wonder how everything is going to get cooked. But, that’s simple. I ask for help. And lots of it.

Look at the CUTE new bags and gift card presenters that Liam designed. Sigh. I love them. And you should see the the gift cards that go in the presenters. Better yet, you should GIVE a gift card! Or win a gift card! Are you following us on Twitter or Facebook? Because if you are, you will be a part of some really fun gift card giveaways that we are launching. So get on there! See: here is little Miss Mandee Pearson who is one of our clients. She won our first Twitter promo today! She got a $25 gift card just for coming into UW and saying a secret word that we announced on Twittier! Not too shabby!
Speaking, of launching: Liam has been the busiest bee of all. He is crazy nutty busy at work getting ready to launch the brand new Serious Serum website where Serious devotees will be able to buy the luscious stuff online! So exciting! Not to mention that we just got our brand new, BEAUTIFUL bottles in! Only a few…5000! It was quite the delivery!

So many other things too…some are fun surprises and big events! Plus there are always fun events like the crazy Halloween party that we just had (there we all are on the left) and the upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Sorry my darling Alix…we can do a formal cocktail party next Holiday! xo

Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, that is correct. It is Urban Waxx’s 2 year birthday today! I cannot believe that it has been 2 whole years since we started taking clients in this location. The time has absolutely flown by! I would like to take a moment to discuss some of the exciting things that UW will be doing in the next few months. There have been so many things going on that sometimes I forget to share with everyone!

To begin, as I stated in a prior email, we have added Liam to our team. We also leased the beautiful office space right next door to Urban Waxx for a combined office, storage, and in the months to come, a shipping facility. We are receiving a gigantic shipment of our brand new beautiful and super sexy Serious Serum bottles. Liam is busy developing our Serious website so that we can sell our wonder product online. We are SO excited about this development. I mean, we really do love it that much! Liam is also burning the midnight oil trying to get us into magazines like Allure and Lucky, and our dream of all dreams, on Oprah. So, anyone who is buddy-buddy with Oprah, can you help…? Seriously, a dream of mine is to see our product in O Magazine, or better yet, give Oprah and/or Gayle King a Brazilian. Think it could happen?

Of course we are always adding new fabulous retail products to our line up. We have wonderful new Holiday scents coming in from Pacifica, and I am a huge Christmas fan. This year we are so lucky and we get to celebrate Christmas AND Chanukah, since we have welcomed the lovely and talented Alix to our team, and she happens to be Jewish. So we will be decking the halls and lighting the menorah this year. Kind of exciting! Plus, I absolutely love noodle kugel! But then again, I love all food equally, so I guess that is somewhat irrelevant.

Lastly, but certainly NOT least: we are combing the area looking for an ideal spot to open a 2nd location of Urban Waxx! I get butterflies when I even type it…but it is the right time to expand for sure! We have been so absolutely blessed with great clients, an amazing staff and 2 great years. We can’t wait to spread the love! Seriously!

Urban Waxx NYC?

Oh it’s been a busy few weeks! August is probably our most busy time at Urban Waxx. Lots of people like to be hair free for Portland’s hottest time. Plus, we are getting new products in, and working on all sorts of fun things behind the scenes. Liam and I have been finalizing our brand new bottle design for our Serious Serum! I can’t wait to launch it! We are also creating a website for the Serious Serum where people can buy it online! So exciting!

Cody, Stella and I just got back from a super fun trip to the East Coast. We saw family, I showed him where I grew up, we ate at diners, and Cody and I were able to spend a few nights alone in NYC while Stella hung out with my mom and sis. Now THAT was fun! We ate at some unbelievable restaurants, shopped, had fancy cocktails. It was awesome. I was a little bummed out by all the empty retail space I saw there. I have lived in and around NYC for most of my youth, and I have NEVER seen so much open space. I guess everywhere has been hit with the recession. I kept seeing cool spaces and saying: “Urban Waxx NYC?” Ahh, now there is an idea.