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Oh hey, Vancouver!


Vancouver! We opened our 6th location on Friday March 24 and we couldn’t be more excited to bring what we do best (dazzle you) to Washington.

I have to say, it was a looooong few weeks! That is the deal with construction: it’s a lot of waiting until the last few weeks, and then: BOOM! Everything has to fit together in just a few short days. We did it, but it was a close one!

I love opening new locations. It is the most exciting time, and also I get to be surrounded by my favorite people. There is a whirlwind of activity, and everyone comes together to just get it all done. It is really amazing to see how the space transforms in just a few days.


Do Angie and I look like zombies in this picture? At one point I looked at her and she looked grey from lack of sleep! That woman is not only always on the go, she also has a one year old baby boy at home! I will tell you, when she is tired she thinks I am very funny…so that is a bonus!

The Vancouver Chamber of Commerce came on Friday and we did a ribbon cutting that was very fun. Big scissors? Yes, please!

It was a great day and we cannot wait to see you there! Now…onto our next Vancouver location! Hazel Dell will be opening in July!


Urban Waxx
16415 SE 15th St
Vancouver WA



A Yen for Chocolate

Last blog I wrote about my intense love of yoga. And cake. You know what else I love? Chocolate. Also, I love female business owners. Ok, I love all entrepreneurs but I am clearly biased toward my ladies. Also, I love our neighbors and I get so incredibly excited when a business that is wonderful moves in close to one of our Urban Waxx locations.

So, it was kismet when we were visited by Cristina Yen, owner of the completely darling chocolate shop, A Yen for Chocolate, came to visit us at Urban Waxx NW 18th. Her shop is right down the street from our NW location, and Mindy and I had happened across it a few weeks ago. We literally stood outside and pressed our faces against the window. Her chocolate looked SO delightful. When Cristina came in this week she brought in some of her homemade delights and guess what? They were probably the best chocolates that I have tasted. We basically fought over every one. Then, after we had eaten them, we talked about them for hours after. That’s how good they were.

Cristina is not only cute as a button but she has an amazing resume! She worked in Paris at Fauchon. Have you heard of Fauchon? Ok, so it’s this world famous patisserie in France and it basically made me start my ridiculous love affair with macarons. Clearly I have an issue with all things sugar, but that is a topic for another blog. Or therapy.

Cristina sells her confections and also creates beautiful gifts and favors. She also does, which I want to do and think is totally cool, chocolate tastings! I think that would be such a fun event.

I love: our neighbors, small businesses, chocolate, writing about all things sugar, supporting our local businesses, also chocolate, and cake. and macarons. The end.

A Yen for Chocolate
915 NW 19th Avenue, Suite B
Portland, OR 97209

Peace and Love,



Yoga makes everything better

A few weeks ago I posted a  blog about this past year and I mentioned that I love yoga. Well, let me be clear: I LOVE yoga. I have practiced yoga on and off for (ahem) 20 years, but I feel madly, passionately, over the moon back in love with yoga this past February, and I hope this love affair never ends. For me, yoga is really the only way that I can get my brain to SHUT UP and I can actually be in the moment. I have learned so many things from yoga, and I fear that I am turning into a bit of a yoga pants wearing, mat toting, 40-something year old cliche. But you know what? I do not care!!!

For me, yoga is like cake. I love cake. I love all cake. I think that if someone offers me cake, even if it is not my favorite, it is rude and poor form not to accept it graciously and then try to devour it with as much grace as I can muster. I feel the same way about yoga. I like it all. I like the really rigorous fast moving flow classes where it looks like I jump in a pool after I am done. That’s my favorite. That is my yellow cake/chocolate icing/rainbow sprinkles kind of yoga. But, I also love gentle yoga, restorative, hip-hop yoga (yes that is a thing). I love the classes that are thick with incense and lots of chanting. I love the classes that have a soundtrack with Beyoncé. I repeat: I love it all. I think that one of the best gifts that I have received from practicing yoga is that I am beginning to release my expectations. I am trying to just be. To allow things to happen instead of trying to manipulate the universe. So, when I go into a new class, I always try to get something out of the experience. Even if it isn’t my favorite cake, I still always enjoy it.

Today I was lucky enough to take a class at the beautiful new studio The Grinning Yogi. Jamie Silverstein, the owner, contacted me a while back and offered to give the team at Urban Waxx some classes. Her studio is right across from Urban Waxx Division! Uhhhh, yes please! Today we went and it was so great! Jamie is a super adorable, laid back lady face with a really unique way of teaching yoga. She made it SO fun. The studio is beautiful and sunny, the playlist was really interesting (a slow, sweet version of “Black Hole Sun” by the Stone Temple Pilots, Bon Iver, and a haunting rendition of “Halo” by my girl Beyoncé to name a few), and her vibe is totally accessible. I actually laughed many times during the class. I understood why it’s named The Grinning Yogi. I felt totally engaged and also totally light. Plus she also an East Coast sense of humor which I totally fall for, and she said things like “You are the sky and everything else is just weather.” Man, that really got me. I loved that.

You know, I think that sometimes people poo-poo yoga because they think it will be too “out there” for them. Or too hippie dippie. Or boring. Or that everyone will be able to twist themselves into crazy poses and they will just be like “Help??” But I don’t think any of those things are true. Yoga is just so good. The benefits of yoga are really amazing. Want to know what some of them are? No? Well, I am going to list them for you anyway!

  • You get a long, strong body. All of those planks and chatarangas really tone you up in the most graceful way.
  • You will sleep better. Yes, for sure. When my mind won’t shut off at night I go through a few poses and then it’s good night Irene.
  • You get more energy. So true. Yoga gives me a serious high afterward.
  • Yoga lowers your blood pressure.
  • Yoga makes sex better. You heard me. You think that flexibility is only good on the mat?
  • Yoga improves your metabolism.
  • Better balance. This is an obvious one. Try yoga for a few months and see how much easier it becomes to stand on one leg. Or on your head!
  • Yoga is said to help ALL kinds of ailments, from lowering your cholesterol, to lowering your blood sugar levels, to lowering your risk of heart disease…you name it.
  • My personal favorite: LOWER MAKES ME CALM. Ok, sorry I screamed just then, but for real, it does. Yoga clears my mind and opens me up like nothing else. One hour on the mat will absolutely change my mood from a mad emoji to the blissed out emoji. Is there one?

Ok, so my yoga PSA is done for now. Go check out Jamie at The Grinning Yogi. You will not regret it. If you do, just do it again. They call it yoga practice for a reason.

Peace & Love


Guest blogger: Adriana Ryding

UPDATE from Adriana, waxer and coordinator of Urban Waxx Philanthropic Task Force.


Please join us Saturday, July 20th, from 1-4pm at our Tanasbourne location for a mother and daughter summer Block Party! We will be serving food and drinks, there will be face painting, fingernail polish changes, gift bags, raffle giveaways and much more.

I am proud to report that over the past year our philanthropy group has planned events and fundraisers for wonderful organizations that include Friends of Trees, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the Bradley Angle House for Women and Children.

This week many of us are pleased to have the opportunity to donate our blood to the Red Cross. I am especially proud of a certain few of us who have a fear of needles, but who are overcoming their fear in order to donate to this life saving cause!!!!

We are on a major philanthropic roll, and have decided that going forward, we will partner with one amazing non profit organization with whom we can throw our full force of energy behind, and hopefully make a real difference.

Urban Waxx is a prime example of the power of women. Every day we prove that there is nothing women can’t do, and it is important to us to associate with an organization that feels the same. For this reason, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is a national organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold through life-changing programs and experiences that help them to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.

The Portland chapter of Girls Inc. currently serves over 200 girls, ages 6-18, through after school programs, mentoring, and community action projects.

We are exceedingly honored that such an organization wants to work with us, and we are excited to roll out a whole year of projects and fundraising events that will directly benefit the girls and young women in our community.

Our first project for Girls Inc. will be our Summer Block Party at Urban Waxx Tanasbourne on Saturday July 20th, from 1-4pm.
We will be selling raffle tickets for the event beginning 6 weeks prior, and all the proceeds will benefit Girls Inc. You won’t want to miss out – each hour during the Block Party we will be giving away $100 in free waxing, and the grand prize will be A YEAR OF FREE BRAZILIANS! Hope to see you there!

Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do anything without our amazing clients, friends, and everyone in the Urban Waxx community.

Adriana Ryding

Women who Rock: Marywynn Ryan

Less than an hour ago I was laying on Marywynn Ryan’s heated facial table. Less than 2 hours ago my skin looked and felt like stepped on sandpaper. Now, after her skillful hands exfoliated, extracted, massaged, performed lymphatic drainage and finished me off with a collagen mask, well, let’s just say my skin looks pretty amazing!

Marywynn and I have been seeing each other on a monthly basis for over a year now and I really look forward to my facials with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the skin and it’s issues, and she delivers her info in a sassy, no nonsense way that I really love. We clicked immediately and the more I get to know her the more I love her. She had set up shop in a salon off of 23rd for the past few years, but she just opened (today…I was her first client) right down the street from Urban Waxx!
Her new location is ADORABLE! I love it! Her space is super chic and modern and just so very Marywynn. She now has 2 fabulous rooms, she has hired another talented Esthetician, Vickie, and I have a feeling it will be difficult to get an appointment in the months to come. Once you feel the difference that 90 minutes with these gals will make on your winter face, you will wonder how you ever went without!
So check out Skin by Marywynn. Treat yourself! Hey, you deserve a little love! xxoo

Skin By Marywynn
1500 NW 18th St. Suite 103
Portland, OR 97209

Love thy Neighbors. Part 1.

We have so many cool, local businesses in our little neck of the woods. I thought it might be nice to chat about some of my favorites!

Right around the corner from us on Lovejoy, is one of my favorite places to buy wine: Cork. They have an amazing selection of wine, and you’ll always find 100 wines under $20, which is exciting. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Besides wine, they also sell divine chocolates, beer, and fancy imports like olive oils. Last year one of Cody’s Christmas stocking gifts was a bottle of $40 olive oil. Yes, I know, $40 for olive oil is ridiculous. But I can assure you it was the best olive oil we ever tasted! Cork is basically a one stop shop for all things awesome, and it is my go to shop for last minute gifting and hostess gifts.

Right next door is Relish, which is a super chic and hip home goods store. It almost looks like we belong together. They have the EXACT same dandelion pattern on their exterior that we have on our interior. Weird, huh? Anyway, Relish is chock full of home accessories, textiles, tableware, you name it. Even gorgeous modern jewelry. Really fun and unique items. It is impossible to stop in there and NOT buy something!

Many of the Urban Waxx gals shop at Folly Clothing. The locally owner clothing store is pretty much stocked with the cutest little frocks you can imagine. Beth and Megan are especially fond of the style, and you can even see Beth in some of the pics on the Folly website! Her clothes are one part retro, one part whimsy, and one part pure Portland. Super flattering dresses and also great accessories!

Finally, for today, we want to welcome our newest neighbor: Chachi Hair and Skin. Chachi and his team opened up a few months ago right around the corner from us on Marshall, and from what we’ve seen, they are doing some really great things over there! Their space is uber modern and chic, and their staff is fabulous. They use great products like Redken for hair and Sonya Dakar Skincare. We wish them all the best!

So, for now, there are a few of our favorite neighbors. Our area is developing every day, and there are so many amazing businesses going in around us. Next time you come for your wax, take a stroll around the block! You never know what you may find!