We like to PARTY!

There is one thing at ALL the gals of Urban Waxx enjoy: a good party! We celebrated the new year in a super fun way, and there was a chocolate fountain. So, what more do you need?

This year we held our party at The Heritage Room, in The Bridgeport Brewery. The entire experience was fun and easy from start to finish! A big thank you to them for such a great experience. And…back to that chocolate fountain! If you are looking to add some sweet fun to your next party (or a regular old Tuesday night), then call the people over at Portland Chocolate Fountain. It was such a fun way to have dessert!

Because we have so many locations, and SO many members of the team, getting them all together in one location can be an infrequent occurrence. When it happens, it is pretty magical! These gals are SO much fun. Getting together with their plus ones was the perfect way to celebrate!


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