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A Toast to 2013!

2013nye2013 was a pretty stellar year at Urban Waxx! We had a lot of new faces join our team, bringing our current number of Urban Waxx employees to 40! It is always so neat to be involved with so many women and the events that they celebrate. We had engagements, weddings, pregnancies…you name it!

2013 also saw a complete overhaul of our successful and beloved product: Serious Serum. If you have not checked out the beautiful new website, I encourage you to do so!

I am always so interested to see how many services we did each year at Urban Waxx. The most popular services are the Brazilian and the brow wax, so I have pulled the info and here is how many guests we smoothed out in 2013!

We did, in all 3 locations, 23,000 Brazilians! We also waxed 12,000 brows! That is so amazing and we obviously could do have made any of it happen without the best, most loyal guests in Oregon (probably the world!)

I want to give the warmest thanks to my outstanding team of Receptionists, Waxxers and Managers. They work so hard every day to make the Urban Waxx Experience a reality.

Happy New Year!



Holiday Party 2013!

We had such  blast at our Urban Waxx Holiday party this year. Looking at the pictures above I think several things:

  1. I love this series of photos. It shows us in a group pic (like herding cats getting us all together at once), and then Adriana and Alix running in from the bathroom, and then us all smiles, and then me screaming with my big mouth open for some reason. I laugh looking at all of the individual faces in each of these big group shots.
  2. I cannot get over what a BIG group we are! It’s nuts. We had so many people at the party and it was really exciting to see a visual reminder of how much we have grown

I love this group. They are funny, and strong, and smart, and they keep me humble and on my toes.

Happy Holidays, everyone!



We are super excited, and humbled, to be make the 2014 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon!

We got the notice from the Oregon Business Magazine this week, and it was a fantastic early Christmas present!

We truly believe that happy employees create a happy environment and that leads to happy guests.

Thank you!


Urban Waxx raffle update!

From the desk of Adriana Ryding, Waxxer and Coordinator of the Urban Waxx Philanthropic Task Force


If you have visited Urban Waxx in the past two months, you know we’ve been selling raffle tickets like crazy, hoping to reach our fundraising goal of $6,000. We had planned on dividing the total donations between our two wonderful charities – charity:water and The Bradley Angle House for Women and Children.

I am delighted to announce that the raffle has concluded and we blew past this year’s goal, raising a total of $8,445.00.

I would like to give an enormous, heart-felt thank you to each of you who participated in any way to make this possible!

This raffle has made it clear to us, once again, that everyone, whether you are a business owner who donated an item, or a guest who bought a raffle ticket, that when a small but caring community like ours joins together we can truly change the world for the better. Urban Waxx is fortunate, and grateful, to be part of such a community.

Because of the generosity of our friends and guests, we now have $8,445.00 to donate to our chosen organizations. I would like to explain how we have decided to split the money, why we decided this, and how the money will be used.

The obvious way to split the money would have been 50/50. Each organization would have received $4,222.

We decided to go another route:
The cost to dig and maintain a fresh water well in a developing country, right now, is $6,000. Urban Waxx could have been a major contributor by donating $4,222. However, after a little spirited debate and lots of back and forth, we decided to fund an entire $6,000 well project.

Over the next 18 months, charity:water will work with their partners in the selected country to find the best location, and build an entirely Urban Waxx Community funded well!

The charity:water team works meticulously to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to us, their donors, by proving where every dollar goes with photos and GPS coordinates of the Urban Waxx Fresh Water Well.

The team selects water point locations based on geography and assessments of need. They also consider the potential for building strong relationships with local stakeholders, risk of overlap with the work of other organizations and availability of spare parts and repair services. Additionally, the willing- ness of the community to participate is essential, as strong programs require buy-in and participation to sustain water points over time.

Over the next 18 months I will be sharing with you the progress of the well project. I believe, but am not positive, that our well will be in India. I will report to you as soon as I know!

That leaves $2065.00 to be donated to the wonderful Bradley Angle House here in Portland who, since 1975, has been offering domestic violence survivors options for safety, empowerment, healing and hope.

The Philanthropic team will also focus on local efforts for The Bradley Angle House throughout the year. Our team will help with other fundraising efforts, necessities drives, and hands-on projects.

Our $2,065 donation to Bradley Angle can fund emergency shelter, food, clothing, educational support, support groups, and advocacy for a survivor of domestic violence for 30 days.

This shelter is a lifeline for the survivors who come through the door: 76 percent of the households served last year left for a safe, verifiable housing situation after their stay at Bradley Angle.

The list of services at The Bradley Angle House is seemingly endless: Emergency shelter, LGBTQ services, a 24 hour crisis line, transitional services, economic empowerment education, and the Healing Roots Program which provides culturally specific services for African, African- American, and immigrant women and their children.

Urban Waxx is delighted to have the opportunity to continue to support, in different ways, the fabulous people at Bradley Angle!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the 2013 Urban Waxx Anniversary Raffle. It was a giant success and it was due to each of you!

If you would like more information on either of the charities or information on how you can get involved, please email me at


Raffle for 2 Great Causes!

It’s that time of year again! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, Portlanders are soaking up every minute of our beautiful long days, and Urban Waxx is gearing up for our annual Anniversary Raffle.

Each year, to commemorate the day Urban Waxx landed on the scene taking care of the finest people in Portland, we hold a charity raffle to raise money that will be given back to the community that has inspired us in many different, exciting ways.

This year, I am very pleased to announce that the funds raised will be donated to two amazing organizations: The Bradley Angle House, and charity: water.

The Bradley Angle House is a multi-faceted organization based in Portland, providing a broad continuum of essential services to survivors of domestic violence and their children. They do an outstanding job of providing emergency shelter, transition services, emotional support and advocacy, and job training, to those in need.
On an international level, funds will also be given to a group called charity: water. Charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of all public donations directly fund water projects, and they prove the use of every dollar donated by providing photos and GPS coordinates. Charity: water goes above and beyond to ensure that wells are dug safely and securely, as well as training people in the local communities to maintain the wells, ensuring clean drinking water for all.
Both of these organizations could use your help to ensure that the awesome work they are doing can continue. Please visit their websites to learn more!
Bradley Angle House:
Urban Waxx has been working hard to secure fantastic raffle prizes. This year winners can receive gift cards from great restaurants like South Park, Seratto, Detour Café, and Hunan Pearl, haircuts and blowouts from Fringe Salon and Ginger salon, a facial from G. Mayfield Skincare, skin and body products from Farmhouse Fresh and Billion Dollar Brows, and personal training from Energy Fitness. There is coffee to be won from Sterling Coffee, a beautiful succulent terrarium (like those in the lobby of Urban Waxx,) charming crochet hats, and don’t forget:


The list of prizes is growing every day. You won’t want to miss out on your chance to win and to be a part of this easy and fun way to help others.

Raffle tickets are sold at each Urban Waxx location; one for $5.00 and three for $10. We will be drawing the winners on Saturday October 5th and there is no need to be present to win.

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL FOR EACH OF YOU! May we take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of Urban Waxx – and your kindness in supporting these worthy causes.

Thank you again!
Adriana Ryding

A wonderful update!

We blogged a few weeks ago about one of our amazing clients, Kenna Groat. Kenna shaved her head to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. She wrote a beautiful letter, and I thought we should share:
To all of my amazing supporters:

It’s official! I’m bald! What an amazing experience this past Saturday was! I’ve attached some pictures to take you through the day a bit. But first things first, some big thank you shout outs!

I have been truly appreciative, humbled, and blown away by everyone’s incredible generosity, spreading the word, getting more donations, and the kind words of encouragement. Most of you know that I’m preparing to move to Canada at the end of this month and I had to get a physical as part of the immigration process last week. I mentioned to the doctor that I would be shaving my head on Saturday and she said that I should try and get out of it. She said I was going to have a really difficult time with customs. I said I’d rather deal with customs than all of the people that have donated to me.

A big thank you to my dad, mom, my girls (Nina, Tara, and Staci), and Jeff and Brad for coming out to support me and push me on stage.  Actually, my dad did… and then he followed me on! He surprised me and signed up while we were there and we were shaved side by side. While he may not have had quite as much hair for me I was truly grateful for the huge gesture of support and to have him there with me. Thank you Dad. People have been telling me I have a big heart for doing this and I guess it’s genetic.

More big thanks to Martha Bianco of La Bellisima Salon for my beautiful eyelash extensions. She does an amazing job and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how real they look and how my eyes really pop. Special thanks to Brittany Pursley for doing my makeup on Saturday and cleaning up my new haircut afterward. You always make me feel gorgeous, with or without hair. I also need to send thanks to the Laurelwood Brewpub in Sellwood. We stopped there for lunch after the event on Saturday and they comped our lunch to show their appreciation for what my dad and I had done. Our waitress’ 15 year old nephew had just been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That was completely unexpected but just goes to show that cancer impacts so many lives.

And last but certainly not least I have to include Brycson and his wonderful family. Jeff shaved his head with us and Jill donated 10 inches of her beautiful hair to locks of love. And my little guy… Buddy, I wish that we could have been pals for different reasons. But without you I would never have been so driven to be a part of this fundraiser. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for your silly smiles and super strong hugs. Thank you for making me an honorary member of the Stauffer family. Thank you for being a source of strength always. Thank you for allowing me to recognize things bigger than myself and make a difference. Best little chemo buddy ever! I love you!

I’ve received a little bit of flack for my decision but I don’t regret it for a second. I hope everyone recognizes you were donating to put an end to pediatric cancer, not me shaving my head; that was just a bonus! Thank you so much again! Hugs to you all!



Enjoy the pics!

Kenna Groat is Shaving her Head for a Cause!!!


Urban Waxx has tons of amazing clients, and I would like to take the opportunity today to shine the spotlight on one in particular: Kenna Groat.

Kenna is a volunteer chemo pal to a 4 year old boy named Bryscon who is afflicted a brain tumor. Each week Kenna keeps Bryscon company while he goes through his treatments, and they have formed an incredible bond. According to Kenna, Bryscon is an amazing ball of energy, makes everyone laugh, and gives the best hugs.

Kenna has signed up with an organization called the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and will be shaving her head in support of Bryscon and all the other kids fighting cancer. In addition to shaving her head, she is raising money for St. Baldrick’s, which funds more childhood cancer research than any organization except the US government.

If you can, please take a moment to visit Kenna’s website to find out more about this very worthwhile cause and help Kenna reach her fundraising goal!!

Guest blogger: Adriana Ryding

UPDATE from Adriana, waxer and coordinator of Urban Waxx Philanthropic Task Force.


Please join us Saturday, July 20th, from 1-4pm at our Tanasbourne location for a mother and daughter summer Block Party! We will be serving food and drinks, there will be face painting, fingernail polish changes, gift bags, raffle giveaways and much more.

I am proud to report that over the past year our philanthropy group has planned events and fundraisers for wonderful organizations that include Friends of Trees, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the Bradley Angle House for Women and Children.

This week many of us are pleased to have the opportunity to donate our blood to the Red Cross. I am especially proud of a certain few of us who have a fear of needles, but who are overcoming their fear in order to donate to this life saving cause!!!!

We are on a major philanthropic roll, and have decided that going forward, we will partner with one amazing non profit organization with whom we can throw our full force of energy behind, and hopefully make a real difference.

Urban Waxx is a prime example of the power of women. Every day we prove that there is nothing women can’t do, and it is important to us to associate with an organization that feels the same. For this reason, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. is a national organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold through life-changing programs and experiences that help them to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers.

The Portland chapter of Girls Inc. currently serves over 200 girls, ages 6-18, through after school programs, mentoring, and community action projects.

We are exceedingly honored that such an organization wants to work with us, and we are excited to roll out a whole year of projects and fundraising events that will directly benefit the girls and young women in our community.

Our first project for Girls Inc. will be our Summer Block Party at Urban Waxx Tanasbourne on Saturday July 20th, from 1-4pm.
We will be selling raffle tickets for the event beginning 6 weeks prior, and all the proceeds will benefit Girls Inc. You won’t want to miss out – each hour during the Block Party we will be giving away $100 in free waxing, and the grand prize will be A YEAR OF FREE BRAZILIANS! Hope to see you there!

Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do anything without our amazing clients, friends, and everyone in the Urban Waxx community.

Adriana Ryding

2 Legit 2 Quit

Sometimes when I reference pop culture from youth I wonder how much I am dating myself. I bet that half of the people that work at Urban Waxx have no idea what 2 Legit 2 Quit is about. Once I said something about Stevie Nicks and one of my sweet little Waxxers said “Who’s he?” ahh. Have we all forgotten the 80′s?

Wait…this blog is not about the 80′s, although I love them so.

This post is about all of the unbelievable changes that have taken place at Urban Waxx over the past few months. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. For the first 4 years of the life of Urban Waxx, I was managing on my own. Solo. Kim, who began her life at Urban Waxx as a front desk receptionist, became the General Manager early in 2012.

Angie and I have been working seriously on our Operations Manual. We have been meeting with each team member and really fleshing out the inner workings of Urban Waxx. Together, we realized that we needed, well, more management. More leadership!

Angie Shu became our front desk manager, and Mindy Good-Galluzzo became our Esthetics Director. This dynamic team is seriously on the ball. Seriously. Angie is one of the most efficient and organized (not to mention beyond sweet) gals that I know. And, Mindy…well, what can I say about Mindy? She is freaking amazing. She is the first employee that I ever hired, she has been with me and Urban Waxx in every situation imaginable, and she really and truly understands the Urban Waxx vision. She is fantastic. Period.

All of these additions have made me feel SO excited about Urban Waxx. It feels like, well, it feels like a real grown up business! That may seem silly considering the fact that we have been up and running since 2007, but it just feels so great to have a group of such serious and devoted people around me!

I am more excited about Urban Waxx and where we are going now than I ever have been before. We are turning into a lean, mean, waxxing machine, and I cannot wait to see what happens with us in the next few years!