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Women who rock: Nicole Flood!

I have talked about Nicole Flood and her gorgeous line of hats and clothing, Flood Clothing, for a while now. She is like a ray of sunshine every time she sashays her sweet self in our doors. I first came across Nicole at her both at Saturday market, before Urban Waxx even existed. I fell in love with her and her super cool hats immediately and vowed that I would one day sell her stuff at my store.
Fast forward almost 3 years later and her hats have been in our store and selling like hot cakes since the first year we opened. Yes, she makes hats and clothing and accessories from recycled clothing, and that’s cool. Yes, she crochets, and that’s cool. Yes, she is a wife and mother of 2 adorable boy kidlets, and that’s cool. BUT, the coolest thing about Nicole is her amazing, loving, powerful energy. As Mindy put it so eloquently last time we saw her: “Nicole Flood is good for the soul.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. She is a whirlwind of positivity, loosely harnessed in a petite package. She is FUN!

Well, we just got our largest delivery of hats from Nicole. That’s right:65 hats. I went a little nutty. This is how it works: she rolls up in her Flood mobile with a giant trunk, or two, of her gorgeous creations. Then, I paw through them with my hot little hands while the other gals are pointing and trying things on and oohing and ahhing. You get the idea. It’s madness. And Nicole has the most intuitive way of figuring out what hat you would look absolutely amazing in! Not a hat girl, you think. HA! She says! I laugh in the face of your doubt! Then she slips on one of her designs and you look in the mirror and Oh Snap! You look adorable! You are a hat person!

Nicole Flood: I tip my Flood hat to you. You totally rock, and we love you! xoxo

Tis the Season…

Oh Christmas. A time for overspending, overeating, oversharing, and putting your children on strange creep’s laps. It’s the only time of year that all of these things are encouraged.

In the spirit of holiday giving, here is a peek at our Christmas with Stella, last year and this year. Notice a pattern?

A few of my favorite things…

So, I am pretty much obsessed with all of the retail that we carry, but I’m going to list my top 5 faves at this moment.

  1. Klean Coconut creamy scrub. Yes, I adore all things coconut. The smell of all the Klean coconut goodies make me swoon. The scrub is amazing. $13.50
  2. Pacifica Soy Candle gift box. Love the package. Love that there are three warm and cozy holiday scents. Love that the price is $14. Whaaaa?
  3. Pinup Brenda wood block art. So freaking cute. I love these. They are like little gems of chic goodness. $15 or $20
  4. Pattern Body Wash in Black Pepper. It rules. I wash my face with it. I wash my bod with it. It has a totally unusual scent that is spicy and refreshing, and it produces a gorgeous lather. $20
  5. Serious Serum. Come on, guys. Of course I am in love with Serious. We brought it into the world. I use it ALL over my body wherever I have bumpy, yucky skin. I use it under moisturizer and smooth our the mini wrinkles. Before I used Serious, I was using an AHA serum that was the same exact percentage and I was paying $68. Serious is $25.
So what are some of your favorite things? Have you found something that you absolutely swoon over at Urban Waxx? Well let me know! Or, do you know of something that would be a great fit for us? Let me know that, too! xo

Keeping us humble.

Complaints keep us humble. That is what I always tell the staff when we have the occasional unhappy client. The other night Cody and I were watching the always outspoken chef Gordon Ramsey on “Kitchen Nightmares.” He was trying to knock some sense into a failing restauranteur who was telling him that his customers always told him the food was great. “Don’t use a your customers like a hair dryer to blow smoke up your arse!” Gordon Ramsey yelled into the man’s face. “I only want to hear the negatives from my customers.” Huh. Interesting. I thought about that statement for a long while. I think what he was saying to the man is that you should never ever let your own ego get in front of your service. By hearing the negatives you get an opportunity to constantly improve yourself.

Does that mean that I like getting negative feedback? Of course not! It hurts! But I can appreciate it for what it is and I respect the fact that clients feel confident enough to let us know that something wasn’t up to snuff. That way we can make it right. I would much rather have a client let us know that something wasn’t right then for them to leave unhappy and never come back.
So, here’s a little story about yours truly: at the end of every night, I review all of the day’s transactions. One day last week I noticed that one of the transactions had been comped. So, I looked at the profile notes to see why the service had been done for free. The waxer had written in the notes that the client had been unhappy with her last brow wax appointment. Hmm, I thought. Not good. So I looked to see who had waxed her last. Oh no! It was me! I was stunned. I mean, I’m not trying to toot my own horn but it’s been forever since I had a client walk away unhappy. Probably since I was in school!
So, I called the waxer to get some more information. She told me, gently, that the client had been coming to her for years and loved the way she did her brows. On the day that she saw me I told her that I wanted to give her a bit of a different shape. So I did. But she wanted the old shape. Again, I was stunned. What was I thinking? Why would I decide to give a client a different shape brows? Was I thinking that my opinion was somehow more important than my client? Ugh. I felt like a jerk. Sigh.
So, that’s it. I told myself exactly what I tell the rest of the team: complaints keep us humble. Sometimes it’s easy to let your ego get in front of you. We deal with happy people who love us all day long! We start thinking: Yes! We’re great! But we are only as great as our last wax. It’s so important for us, all of us, to constantly be trying to improve every interaction that we have with our clients. That is why I am humble admitting that I make mistakes too! Thank goodness I have Cody, my clients, and my lovely staff to keep me grounded! xo

Urban Waxx hearts Popina Swimwear!

I hate swimsuit shopping. There is nothing worse than exposing my pale Portland body in a tiny changing room lit with shocking fluorescent light. Any chance that I thought that I would look beach or pool ready goes completely out the window when I see myself in that dressing room mirror. I usually flee the premises and head to the nearest Krispy Kreme to eat my feelings.

Well, I am happy to report that my last few Portland swimsuit shopping expeditions have been well, quite lovely actually. A gal pal of mine told me several years ago about Popina Swimwear and I have been a fan ever since. The shop itself is completely adorable, with a retro tiki vibe. They have an amazing collection of very flattering swimwear (checkout the super sexy Jantzen Vamp to the right) and, best of all, they can CUSTOM make a swimsuit for you! How cool is that? They will take your measurements, you will discuss fabric, color and style, and voila! A couture, retro swimsuit for sweet little you! They specialize in retro styling and swimsuits of the 1940′s and 50′s, and I happen to think that they are incredibly flattering!

Do yourself a favor: next time you are shopping for a suit, stop into Popina for some fun. No pale Portland body deserves the fluorescent shock treatment. It’s just cruel, people.

Christmas Wrapping!

Awwww. Look how cute little Alix looks with her holiday bag. No, she’s not just showing you what a gift looks like. She is modeling one of our lovely gift wrapped bag of goodies!

That’s right, holiday shoppers! We know that you are busy and stressed. So, when you buy some gifts at Urban Waxx this holiday season, we would love to gift wrap your purchases for you! One less thing you need to worry about!

Btw: All time favorite Christmas song: “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses. That’s right. It’s my ringtone right now. Check it out!

Cutest thing ever.

So, Kim and I witnessed the cutest thing that we have ever seen in Urban Waxx today. I’m not joking. Here’s how the story goes: Today I had a lovely Mom come in to get her brows waxed. She was accompanied by her adorable little blue eyed four year old daughter. The little gal was very interested in what was happening with her Mama’s eyebrows. She stood on a low stool on the opposite side of the table and watched with interest as I shaped her Mama’s brows. After it was done I showed her our wax and put a wee bit of hard wax on the back of her little hand. She thought it was pretty neat to pull it off (there is no hair there).

So, the pair spent a few more minutes trying on Flood hats, looking at fun products, chatting me up, and generally being incredibly cute. As I was cleaning up my room for the next client, Little Gal came in and leaned against my door, looking shy. “What’s up?” I asked. “You want to help me clean?” She started to look a little sad and said “Well, it’s just, this is my first time here.” So I said, “Do you not want to leave?” and she shook her head no. At that point I squatted down and said “Do you want a hug?” and she answered, in her sweet Little Gal voice: “Well, no, but it’s my first time here.” At that, she started to cry and ran over to her Mama, who was looking rather puzzled. “What is it?” Mama asked. Little Gal said, through tears “It’s just…so…cool here!”

Oh. My. Goodness. That about sealed it for Kim and me. We were completely tickled and Kim even got a little misty! Little Gal looked back at us with a teary little face. It was precious. I thought that a piece of chocolate and some trail mix from the buffet might do the trick, and it did. Little Gal left smiling and I told her she could come back whenever she wanted.

It was too cute. She sounds like a future Evangelist Client. What do you think?

New obsession: Lovejoy Bakers!!!

As anyone who knows me can attest, I have an affinity for all things baked. I LOVE fresh breads, croissants, cookies, cupcakes…you get the idea. I also love supporting local businesses, and for years I was so sad to see this particularly amazing spot on Lovejoy either stand vacant or house crappy restaurants.

Well, those days are over because I have eaten at the brand new Lovejoy Bakers! First, one of our adorable clients, Kelsey, is an employee there, and she  dropped off a bag of baked goodies for us that were to die for! I’m talking, scones, cookies, muffins, bread…you name it. I was intrigued! Today I stopped in to scope the place out. I’m officially in love!

First of all: everyone as smiling! And so super nice! They all seem genuinely happy to be working there. And the place is so adorable: airy, bright, lots of cozy places to sit and idle over a pastry. Oh, and the pastry! Unbelievable! The breads, the baked good, the sweets! All look amazing.

I settled for an egg and fontina sandwich and a big cup of coffee. As I waited I sat and took it all in. I love the little details, like fresh flowers and free Wi-fi. My sandwich was perfect, the space is fabulous, and the staff is friendly and gracious! What more can a hungry gal (or guy) ask for!

Since that first day I have been there 3 more times. Each time is better than the last! My favorite thing there: the Lovejoy Deluxe. It’s a fried egg sandwich on a ciabatta roll with bacon, blue cheese and dressed greens. Whaaaaaaat? Cody says it’s the best breakfast sandwich he has ever eaten. I agree.

Best of Citysearch 2009!

Yay yay yay! We are doing a happy dance! Urban Waxx won the Best of Citysearch 2009! We are super duper excited. AND, not to toot our own horn, but we won in multiple categories: Best Brazilian, Best Waxing, Best Hair Removal, and Best Eyebrow Shaping! That is so amazing!

When we found out that we were nominated, I was really nervous. There are a lot of salons in Portland and  even though I hoped that we would be recognized as the best, who knows with these kind of things. But, this morning I checked the results and there we were!

So, thank you so much to all of our friends and clients who took the time to vote for us! It means the world to us. And congratulations to all of the other winners in Best of Citysearch Spa and Beauty. You should check out some of the other results. My favorite gym in the world, Recreate Fitness, won Best Gym, weight loss program, and workout. Two of our Northwest neighbors took top honors as well! Tribe Hair Studio won several hair categories and Blooming Moon Wellness Spa won pretty much every massage category!

So proud of us and our little Northwest nook!

You can never be too Klean!

Ok so I ordered a whole ton of Klean. So what. So I might be a wee bit obsessed. So we only got the first shipment in 2 weeks ago and we all died and everyone bought a ton. So I may have over-ordered in my pre-holiday frenzy. So what? It’s AWESOME!

Added to the Klean arsenal at Urban Waxx is the completely wonderful salt soaks in flavors like Sweet Orange and Eucalyptus, and the delicious Coconut Milk Bath. Oh. Yes. I cannot tell you how cute the packaging is and how excited your guy or gal would be to see some Klean goodies in their stocking. Totally natural, no gross ingredients, and pure luxury in a bottle.