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2008 or Bust

I love the New Year. Not because I love to go out to cheesy bars, pay too much to get in, and fight crowds of underage partyers to get a drink. No, those days are way over for me, thank goodness. I love New Years because it is almost like a do-over. It’s a time to look at the past year, all the great things you have done, all of the not so great, and start fresh. I went to Catholic school for pretty much my entire life, and New Years is almost like a giant confession. You go in, talk about your sins, say a few Hail Marys, and you are all good. You can start fresh. It’s a New Year for Pete’s sake!
So much has happened to Cody and I this year. We moved to Portland for Los Angeles, I opened urban waxx, we bought a house, he has become very comfortable in his job as a Sous Chef at South Park, and, most exciting of all, we are going to meet our addition in March!
I think that women spend so much time looking forward that we never take a moment to celebrate what we have accomplished. My friend Rebecca Shapiro told me that a few weeks ago, and it really resonated. It’s true. As soon as I finish one project I’m like: “Okay, that’s done…now what?” I spend a lot of times looking at what needs to be done, or fixed, or bettered, as opposed to taking a moment to be proud of myself. And I also think that it is so much easier for women to be proud of everyone else’s accomplishments. It’s easy for us to praise our friends, our spouses, our children…but when it comes to taking praise, no way Jose.
I always have New Year’s Resolutions. They usually involve working our 5 times a weeks and losing a significant amount of weight. But this year I want to be a little different. This year, I am unveiling a kindler, gentler self. I want to be less critical of myself. I want to stress less about stupid stuff. I want to take things less personally. I want to embrace the woman who is bringing a daughter into this world, and show that daughter how wonderful this world can be. How can I expect my daughter to grow up feeling strong and healthy and ready to conquer the world if her Mommy is still fixating on losing 20 lbs and what is wrong in her life?

This morning my midwife, Helen Welch, who I absolutely adore, said to me “Our children watch everything that we do, and mimic it. If they see us treating ourselves well, then they will do the same for themselves.” It’s true. We teach people how to treat us. So, for 2008, there will be no more room for negativity and nonsense. Just positivity and an a deep thankfulness for what I have been given.

In the Wax Room, Part 2

Okay, for the second installment of this series, Mindy has given me a list of questions that she feels need to be addressed. I agree. These are questions that I have been asked a least 1000 times over the past decade. So, here we go:

1. Can I wax if I am on my period?
We get this question all the time. Women always make their Brazilian appointments in advance, and then wake up on the day of and realize that they miscalculated their periods. The answer is: yes, you can for sure get waxed with your period. Just wear a tampon and we will work around it. We wear gloves anyway, so it isn’t like it disturbs us. Some gals prefer not to be waxed while on their period, which we completely understand, but we don’t care on this end.

2. Do I need to shower first?
Well, this one is a matter of personal preference. Of course, it would be lovely if all of our clients could be shower fresh for every appointment, but we understand that can’t always be the case. So, no, you do not have to shower before your appointment. We also carry Sweet Spots for sale and they are available complementary for your usage in the rest room. They are the perfect way to freshen up.

3. Can I come in after I have sex?
This one is also a matter of preference. We would prefer that you do not have sex right before your appointment. Remember, for a Brazilian, your legs are spread and there is pretty much no hiding anything. It would be nice if your area wasn’t recently involved in a sexual act.

4. What if I pass gas?!?
This question seems to haunt most of my clients. I think in the back of everyone’s mind they have a fear that whilst we are waxing their hiney hairs they may accidentally let out a little toot. Has it happened to me while I am waxing a client? Yes. Has it happened to probably every other waxer who specializes in Brazilians? Yes. It’s a fact of life people. It’s a bodily function just like swallowing or blinking. What do we do in this situation? Uhhh, absolutely nothing. We just keep on waxing, sister.

In closing, try to remember that the waxer who is waxing your nether regions is used to looking at vagina. We look at it every single day at urban waxx. We understand that every vagina is different, that every woman is different, and that sometimes embarrassing things just happen. Do we talk about it afterward, gasping at the horrors that we just encountered? No way. Could I tell you what your vagina looks like if I saw you on the street? Absolutely not. Most of the time while I am waxing, I am engaged in the conversation that I am having with my client, and the waxing is just happening. I am so used to waxing that I could probably do an entire Brazilian blindfolded. Well…maybe.


It has been so busy that I fear that I have been leaving my poor blog unattended. My younger brother Shea and his absolutely adorable girlfriend Stacey were in town last week, so I took 5 days off of work! What?! Am I crazy? That’s unheard of. But, I decided to spend the time with them. eating a lot of great meals and doing excessive amounts of shopping. And how wonderful to feel completely confident leaving urban waxx in JoAnne’s enormously competent hands and knowing the place would not burn to the ground! As a matter of fact, it went great!
We have been in the process of hiring some additions to our staff. We need another person to work the front desk and JoAnne has been trying her hardest to find someone that meets our rather high expectations. It is SO important for the person that chats with clients on the phone and greets them for the first time is amazing. And how can you tell if someone is amazing by interviewing them for 30 minutes? It’s almost impossible!
I have interviewed and hired dozens of people over the past 6 or so years. I have really grown to hate the process. It’s like being at the most awkward cocktail party ever…with no cocktails. Some people are absolutely amazing during the interviewing process, and then you start to work with them and you are suddenly wondering what happened to your judgment. And then of course, sometimes the opposite is true. I have interviewed people that I was very unsure about, and then absolutely fell in love with them as a coworker! Ah, it’s all madness.
I am also looking for a waxer to take my place before I go on maternity leave. That is an even more arduous task. The way I have interviewed in the past is after we meet and chat, they have to give me a Brazilian. ME! “Hi, so and so, I am your future employer. Now please meet my vagina.” Have I mentioned that this job strips you of all modesty? Have I mentioned that I have a relatively low pain threshold when it comes to getting Brazilians. I suppose we can file this under the joys of owning a waxing business.
Anyhoo…I am using the Secret to attract the perfect people to work here. Wish me luck!

Crave Party was so Fun!

We had sooo much fun last night at our first Crave Party. The fabulous Mindy was set up doing brow and lip waxes, and she had a line the entire night! The always smiling Heather was on hand handing out fliers and chatting to the party goers, and JoAnne and I were peddling our wares with a smile! The biggest sellers were the delicious k.hall reed diffusers and the amazing Pomegranate body line that we carry from Archipelago. And of course everyone loved our Jimmy Belasco holiday candles. Everyone was in a festive mood, drinking cocktails and shopping up a storm.

I saw some of my friends as well, like the always fashionable and hilarious Karen, owner of Lucy Palmer. She has the most adorable jewelry and home goods for sale. Also, my pal Rebecca Shapiro from Ladies who Launch, and organization that I am a part of and totally love.
It was a great night all around. I love to be out chatting it up with cool Portland gals, and of course…I love to shop!
See ya at the Crave party next year!

Portland Crave Party

Wow. It has been a busy couple of days. First of all, it has been like a freaking monsoon for he past 4 days. I mean, was anyone else scared that their house was going to blow away? But yesterday, Monday, the one day that Cody and I have off together, I was determined to purchase our Christmas tree. It was literally raining sideways as we stood shivering at the closest tree lot to our house, trying to quickly find an adequate tree. Needless to say, it was probably a pretty funny sight to see us looking so pathetic. 

Anyway, December is usually so busy for everyone with all the shopping and holiday parties and various degrees of Merry-making. And tomorrow we will be making our first appearance at the Portland Crave party. It should be a super fun way for people to do some shopping, have some fun, and check out a TON of local vendors. urban waxx will be there with bells on, with a booth selling our lovely selection of retail, like Jimmy Belasco candles, K. Hall reed diffusers, and Archipelago bath and body products. And our adorable Mindy will be on site to do some free eyebrow and lip waxing.
Come to the Crave party!

Why are we sorry?

Over the past few years, I have become aware of how much women overuse the word “sorry.” What are we so sorry about all of the time? The other day I was in Starbucks and I bumped into the woman behind me and she said “Sorry!” I had bumped into her! What was she sorry about?

I notice this phenomenon all of the time when women are in the wax room. It seems that women are compelled to apologize for everything from how hairy they are, or that they shaved, or that they are out of shape, or that they haven’t come in for while. It makes me sad. What are we apologizing for?

When JoAnne and I first started working together, and we were training on the computer every day, she would say sorry a lot. Eventually I started asking her “What are you sorry for?” and then she would think for a minute, and then say “I guess nothing.” She barely ever says it anymore. I like that. It seems that saying sorry has become as natural to women as breathing. With every breath we seem to utter our apologies, as if we are trying to apologize for our very being. But why? And again, I must ask: when is the last time that you heard a man saying sorry all of the time? I have known certain men for years and NEVER heard them utter those words.

Listen people, I’m not saying we have to throw the word in the garbage forever. I mean, there is nothing more wonderful than a sincere apology when someone has wronged you. But saying it all the time makes saying sorry seem like a speech impediment. I try to take the power back for the word. If I mess up, I say it. Otherwise, why the hexk are we sorry?

Pinup Brenda rules

You know what one of my favorite things is at urban waxx? I love, love, LOVE the art work that we have here.

Back in the spring, I was sitting at a cute little bar, Matchbox Lounge. The are right across the street from one of my most favorite Thai places, Pok Pok, so while we waited for a table, we moseyed across the street to have a cocktail. That was pre-pregnancy. Wait, allow me a minute to wistfully remember that delicious Mojito they made for me…ahhhh.
Anyway, as I was enjoying my pre-dinner bevvie, I could not help but notice the totally amazing, cool ultra-feminine artwork that was lining the walls. I know that I would eventually be expanding, and I thought that the art would be a PERFECT match for the new location.
Months later, I contacted Brenda Dunn, a local artist who does some really amazing stuff. I commissioned her to do 4 huge paintings for the waiting room, and she added 2 smaller ones that are now in our powder room. She actually has a really cool technique of decoupaging the image onto a board. It ends up looking really sleek and stylized.
Anyhoo, check out her stuff at
She also sells her great stuff on

In the Wax Room, Part 1

Here at urban waxx, we get a lot of women asking us questions about “sensitive” topics. To me, talking about things like the female anatomy is as normal as chatting about the weather. But it has occurred to me that some women may feel awkward asking certain questions. So, I have decided to begin an ongoing series about some of the more popular questions that we are asked.

Also, if you ever have a pressing question of a delicate nature, please feel free to email me directly at, and I will answer it in the blog.

Many times, first time clients will enter the wax room before their appointment and feel a certain amount of trepidation about removing their clothing in front of a complete stranger. They feel self conscious about their girl parts, considering the fact that many women have only seen their own. Once the clothes come off, women feel compelled to announce how hairy they are, or how things usually are much more kept up. etc. I think that the biggest concern that women feel is, “Am I normal down there?”

I am here to tell you, yes, you are normal. Over the past 12 years of seeing women every day, in various states of undress, I have seen women of all shapes and sizes. I have seen women with thick, coarse hair, I have seen women with little more than peach fuzz. Women seem SO concerned with knowing if they are too hairy, sometimes experiencing a certain amount of shame about the subject. But seriously, in the end, while you are on the wax table, it’s all just skin and hair. It really doesn’t matter if you have a little less or more than you consider “normal.”

Many women also seem concerned about the actual shape or size of their vaginas. This is a little more sensitive topic. I mean, how many times have you honestly been able to compare? But again, in all of my days of waxing, I have never seen someone and thought, “Oh, dear.” Actually, being in contact with so many women has reinforced my belief that all women are beautiful. We all have the same parts, we all have insecurities, we all need to be validated in some way. Honestly, a vagina is a vagina. Some of us have “innies” where everything is compact and tucked up in there, and some of us have “outies,” where we have larger labia and a little more skin. Does it matter? No. A resounding no. Do you think that men are talking to each other about whether or not their penises are up to snuff? Doubt it.

I feel like women have become so detached form their own vaginas. We spend so much time worrying about how it looks, or smells, or compares, that we forget how cool it actually is. It’s self cleaning! Babies come out of it! I have devoted my entire career to the upkeep of it, for Pete’s sake.

My point in all of this vagina talk is that women seem to be a tad ashamed about their girl business, when we should be celebrating our vaginas. A lot of hair or a little hair, big or small, “innie” or “outtie,” every woman should embrace what makes us uniquely women. Three cheers for vaginas!


Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. Besides the food, which as you may have guessed by reading my previous entries, is incredibly important to me, I love the idea of being able to have a relaxed holiday, surrounded by my friends. Normally, I don’t spend Thanksgiving with my fam because I have traditionally worked the day after, and we are scattered all across the country. Instead of being stressed and flying across the U.S., I have deemed Thanksgiving a day of lounging, eating, playing Cranium, and then eating again. It’s a time to relax with the people that I love, and be thankful for all that we have.

So what am I most thankful for this year? Well, considering the fact that last Thanksgiving Cody and I were in Los Angeles, alone, with no friends, and feeling sorry for ourselves, I am most thankful that we are in Portland and have great friends to spend the holiday with.
I am also thankful that the restaurant that Cody chefs it up at, Southpark, has humanely decided to close tomorrow. Last year, Cody was working until 11 pm, and I spent the day cooking and watching a Law and Order marathon by myself. Then he came home, exhausted, and tried gamely to enjoy the fruits of my labor, although I knew the last thing he wanted to do was eat. Sad.
I am incredibly thankful to be in a place like Portland, where people are genuinely nice almost all of the time, and where I have met the most amazing, kind, and genuine people. And where people have welcomed urban waxx and me with open arms.
Speaking of that, I am very thankful that so many women and men in the Portland area feel comfortable enough with my employees and me to allow us to see them sans clothing, and trust us enough to let us wax them…again and again!
I am thankful to have a healthy little life growing inside of me, even though sometimes the thought of actually caring for a little one is pretty daunting.
I am thankful for the fact that we have food to eat, wine to drink (not me), and a home to do it in. Sometimes I forget how lucky we are just to have the basic necessities, while so many others are hungry, thirsty, and lonely.
I am thankful that, at 34, I can still watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” and get intense pleasure from it.

I am most thankful that I wake up every day and feel content to be where I am, in the right spot, at the exact right time, for the first time in my whole life. I feel genuinely blessed to be where I am, and I sincerely thank those in my life for that gift.

Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful!

PDX49 visits Urban Waxx!

Last week the lovely and talented Darcy and Chloe from PDX 49, Channel 13, came to Urban Waxx to do a one minute segment about us. We are part of a series that they are doing about hidden Portland neighborhoods, and they were kind enough to feature us!

Click the video to see yours truly in all my cheesy glory talking about what we do at Urban Waxx. And remember, people, I’m 6 months pregnant! That gut you are witnessing is NOT the result of too many cheeseburgers and cupcakes…well, at least not entirely!